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The world is changing faster than ever before, but are your strategies?

Generation-Z is the name given to the post-millennial generation, those born after 1997. Generation-Z is now the single largest audience segment in the world, yet finds itself overlooked and disregarded by large swathes of the world. With most decision-makers aged far above 40, it's no surprise that well-established firms are finding it challenging to connect with and relate to this new target audience. The problem is further magnified by consulting firms - with partners and team leads completely out of sync with this generation. As nascent competition continues to turn up the heat, multi-national corporations are going to need to adapt to this new generation, and much faster than before. That's where we come in. As the world's first global Generation-Z strategy consulting firm, we help you understand and adapt, FAST. With strategies crafted by Gen-Z consultants themselves, supported by the best brains across the world, we combine youth and experience to help you make sure you don't get left behind.

Our Services

Demographic Downloading

Tailor-made for the C-Suite and decision-makers. We help you get into the minds of millennials and generation-Z, allowing you to understand how they think and what they think about. We focus on the commonalities and patterns among sub-groups as well as potential differentiators. An essential primer for any company targetting this demographic.

Opinion and Sentiment Engineering

There is a major disconnect in ideologies between generations. Oftentimes, messaging is distorted or mislabeled, resulting in a steep decline in support for various schools of thought amongst the younger populace. As the influence of this demographic increases, the survival of various organizations with declining popularity amongst the youth may be at risk. viraise. Consulting can help reframe your message for this generation and push it through the right channels in order to facilitate a positive impact on the sentiment and opinion concerning your ideologies.

Gen-Z Strategy and Execution

Our premier full-service solution. We'll take care of everything. We'll tap into our network of Gen-Zers, gauge consumer sentiment and desires through our proprietary data pipelines, craft deliverables and execute them- all while keeping you in the loop. All you need to do is tell us your goal and we'll get you there. Whether it's amending product offerings, rebranding or even pivoting, we'll prep you to tackle the future of consumerism.

Millennial and Gen-Z Consumer Research

Every business needs constant feedback to optimize their offerings. And trust us, online surveys don't work, they really don't - not even if you're offering freebies. We tackle this in two ways. Firstly, for companies who want to manage this in-house, we help you build innovative feedback pipelines that actually work. Secondly, for those focused solely on the end result, we can tap into our massive network of insighful millennials and Gen-Zers to generate effective and useful feedback on-demand from a representative sample of your target audience and provide you with both raw data and inferences.

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